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Sunday, 28. July 2002


image courtesy of gretchen

i'm 17, i'm female, and i live in california. this is my summer blog as well as my blogathon 2002 blog. i like rock music and travelling and i have two adorable cats. i have the best friends ever. after blogathon, i'm headed for travel, and then college in january of 2003. i want to study photography and the arts and eventually go to UC Berkely.
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why i'm supporting blogathon
i'm involved with 24hr blogathon because i believe in working for charity. i believe in kindness for animals and in giving back. i'm given so much, and i want to make sure that i give back when i can. i am online all the time anyway, i might as well be using it to help people and animals. Blogathon is a really good cause, and i'd ask you to make a small donation, by sponsoring me. those who have sponsored me are listed in the next box. please click the sponsor button to sponsor me.
the people who have sponsored me!
- mom
- sio
- elegy

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